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Every March, my school sends out it’s students all across the face of the earth to spread and share the good news of Jesus Christ.
This Spring I am excited to be going to Japan March 22nd to April 12th.
“We have been building a great relationship with some friends in Japan.  Japan is seeing a shift in the kingdom culture. The church is being stirred and is beginning to see Heaven invade Earth. This trip will consist of lots of interaction with the Japanese people. We will split into 4 different groups going to: Kansai, Tokyo, Shizuoka, and Okinawa.  Once in these smaller teams we will be ministering in house churches and gatherings of all types, and holding series of church services, youth ministry and treasure hunts on the streets where we will help people have an encounter with God. The leaders in Japan have asked that their people be activated and empowered.  We want to empower and impart an increase of what God is doing.” -Shane Mandl (Trip Leader)
“Our heart and passion here at Bethel International is to raise up a generation of world changers that will be known simply for their reckless abandonment to see that Jesus is Lord in all the nations. As we are building relationships with various regions around the world one of the main goals that we have is to make the nations look like geniuses. Our strategy is go to and raise up influencers in their own nations so they begin to run with the inheritance that God has given them to transform their nation.” -Bethel International